Good Morning Plants

I jumped in bright and early.

Honestly when I logged in to post tonight I was surprised by the comments 💗 I wasn’t sure anyone was even gonna see this but I appreciate the encouragement.

My child is a 6am alarm clock so coffee is still a necessity for me at this time, but I drank it black instead of loaded with half and half.

Weight 147 (I’m 5’4″)

BP 131/71

Pulse 64

I had my meals planned so I knew what I needed to get done.

Smoothie Bowl with Berries Hemp Hearts and Walnuts

Asian Pasta Salad with Raw Veggies

Bean Chili on a Sweet Potato


I had a few snacks throughout the day mainly fruit and veggies with hummus.

I really enjoyed everything I ate and for the first time in a long time didn’t feel weighed down and tired after eating.

My only mishap was the heartburn post chili, maybe I over spiced it.  

I definitely had more energy today.  Went on a walk with the mini in the stroller and then we worked in our garden for a bit.  It’s been neglected lately so I managed to pick 3 giant cucumbers and a bunch of tomatoes.

I’m ready for my glass of wine but some tea is gonna have to do.