Passing on the Pizza

Today was a struggle.

But I succeeded. 

Day 3 and going strong.


Good Morning Plants

I jumped in bright and early.

Honestly when I logged in to post tonight I was surprised by the comments ūüíó I wasn’t sure anyone was even gonna see this but I appreciate the encouragement.

My child is a 6am alarm clock so coffee is still a necessity for me at this time, but I drank it black instead of loaded with half and half.

Weight 147 (I’m 5’4″)

BP 131/71

Pulse 64

I had my meals planned so I knew what I needed to get done.

Smoothie Bowl with Berries Hemp Hearts and Walnuts

Asian Pasta Salad with Raw Veggies

Bean Chili on a Sweet Potato


I had a few snacks throughout the day mainly fruit and veggies with hummus.

I really enjoyed everything I ate and for the first time in a long time didn’t feel weighed down and tired after eating.

My only mishap was the heartburn post chili, maybe I over spiced it.  

I definitely had more energy today.  Went on a walk with the mini in the stroller and then we worked in our garden for a bit.  It’s been neglected lately so I managed to pick 3 giant cucumbers and a bunch of tomatoes.

I’m ready for my glass of wine but some tea is gonna have to do.

Plant based attempt at saving my life

I’m honestly worried that at any moment I could have a heart attack.

This is not how I pictured life at 36.

I’m a slightly overweight mother of an almost three year old. I eat a diet consisting of some fruits and veggies but I’ll be honest here; fast food, coffee and takeout have become staples in my life. ¬†Along with dessert, not in the homemade apple pie way but in the donuts or pints of ice cream way.

I’m a former pack a day smoker of 15ish years; currently socially imbibing in a few here and there but worried this addiction will come back full force if I continue this way any longer.

I also am a moderate drinker.  A 2 glass of wine at night kind of girl. And a social night out may involve a few more than that.  Normal ? Possibly. Unhealthy ? Undoubtedy.

In January of this year I applied for a job and got it. ¬†Great right. Went for my pre employment physical and could not get medical ¬† clearance to start. ¬†My blood pressure was 180/110. ¬†Did I mention I hate doctors and hadn’t been since my post birth checkup.

I’ve been back and forth to numerous doctors and now have my very own cardiologist. ¬†And I’ve graduated to sick person status evidenced by my awesome day night pill counter.

I’m on 2 blood pressure medications taken 3 times a day. ¬†I just went for my first echocardiogram and am fearfully awaiting the results.

I’m constantly moody, tired, out of breath and have brain fog most times. ¬†My blood pressure has been stable around 120/80, but it’s taking a lot of medication to keep it there.

I decided I need a drastic change, because I’m convinced if I don’t do something soon there’s no way I will be here for much longer. ¬†My father had a triple bypass in his 50s and passed at 64. ¬†My mother has chronic hypertension and suffered a mild heart attack in her 50s.

‘What the health’ and ‘Forks over knives’ both spoke to me in a way that I feel I need to just jump right in and really try to take control of my health.

Tomorrow is Monday, the day everyone likes to take on new challenges so here I am. ¬†I’m all in.

No meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol or nicotine. ¬†Instead I’ll be eating plants and whole grains, drinking water and tea. ¬†I hope to add some exercise in, even just walking; but the focus is going to be on the things going into my body.

It’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it.